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My name is Stephanie and I'm a chick living in Chicago. Married my best friend (after taking years to convince me to date him) and have a pup, Lizzie. I take TV and movies very seriously, love me some book reading, and am game for foodie adventures. Welcome to my cubbie!

Sep 21
"mack daddies"

"mack daddies"

"easy instruction with Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry"

"easy instruction with Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry"

Sep 20
Went on a 3-hour walk with a great friend and discovered one of the most beautiful doors I’ve ever seen

Went on a 3-hour walk with a great friend and discovered one of the most beautiful doors I’ve ever seen

Sep 19

Some thoughts that won’t lead anywhere

Backstory: I’ve thought for some time that our bodies hold onto pain, stress, sadness, trauma, etc. far longer than out minds/emotions. With our minds, we can talk it out, cry, have time take away some of the sting, whatever. But my theory is that our bodies absorb and hold on to these severe blows that we as a culture don’t have the tools to teach to release.

So…..every once in a while I go to a place and get a massage because being a student in grade a million causes back problems and pinched nerves and first world problems. The session this morning was not the usual hurt so good feeling. It hurt. A lot. I got a massive headache in the middle of the session and I’ve been dealing with nausea all day because of it.

When I got out, I asked the lady my usual questions of what she felt and what adjustments I need to make and she pointed out that my problem didn’t actually seem to be physical. I didn’t have any knots or spinal problems (my usual). All my issues (and she was clear that my back was jacked up) were stemming from the emotional.

I think I know what caused it. My family and I have been dealing with serious trauma for about two years now, but this is the first time my “theories” have actually seemed to become a reality for me and my body in such a severe way.

Thanks for listening.

I wonder if - like my blue eyes and pale skin - extreme emotional repression can be considered one of the genetic prizes I inherited from my people. I mean…I don’t mean to brag, but when it comes to not talking about feelings my kin are kind of world super-powers ((Scandinavian, English, and German up in here))

13-year-old me would be surprised that 50% of being adult is writing emails and attempting to schedule meetings. I assumed there would be a lot more solving of mysteries with my dog.

Sep 16

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itty bitty hot dog eating contest

Sep 15







Me in hopefully 5 months when I’m “ABD”

Sep 13

My pup has hiccups and it’s more adorable than you’re even imagining

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